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Jewish Tolerance

This is a very partial list of the hundreds of Jewish and Israeli organisations active in co-existence and conciliation in Israel and Palestine and much more. (And, there are many more amazing, private initiatives by Jews and Israelis that we hardly hear about.) They all do lots of holy work. partnership of Jewish and Arab eco-builders On-the-ground joint Palestinian-Israeli activity in the city of Hebron group of Israelis working to raise awareness of Palestinian suffering Amnesty's Israel branch Israeli human rights group active in Palestinian areas Human Rights Watch Israel branch Jews Against the Occupation any article by Gideon Levy or Amira Hass Women for Human Rights (check IDF activity in Judea and Samaria) Arab Jewish partnership Rabbis for Human Rights Isreali soldiers against oppression of the Palestinian people Israel peace umberella group Meretz, pro peace Israeli political party pro peace Arab Jewish Israel political party Jews for Racial and Economic Justice Jewish Friends of Palestine Bat Shalom : women with a vision for a just peace Israeli human rights organisation, assists Palestinians Jewish Voice for Peace Israeli anti-military group Jewish Peace Group religious Zionist peace organization Committee Against Torture in Israel Anarchists Against the Wall (the're wild) Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions promotes democracy, tolerance, and social justice in Israel photos against "the occupation".

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